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Noodle jars

A noodle jar is the portable version of a noodle bowl, popular in office kitchens and dorm rooms alike. It’s easy to tuck dried noodles, soup bouillon powder (even the packaged kind that includes noodles and bouillon together works), and any kind of veggies you like into a jar to reconstitute with hot water at lunchtime. If you’re on the road, many gas stations have hot water for tea, or pack a Thermos of hot water for a picnic.

Noodle jars 

Dry Asian noodles
Instant soup bouillon
Torn spinach, kale or chard
Sliced mushrooms
Grated carrot
Frozen peas
Chopped green onion
Hot sauce (optional)

Break the noodles apart so that they fit in your jar of choice, then put them in with a spoonful of bouillon and as many veggies as you like – keep in mind they will shrink when you pour the hot water over them, making the greens wilt and the other veggies tendercrisp. If you like, add a squirt of hot sauce.

Serves as many as you like.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, June 2015.

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