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One-bowl meals

Girl eating noodles - one-bowl mealsDuring the hot summer
months, it’s often
preferable to get dinner
on the table without
turning on the oven.
While salad is most often
treated as secondary
to a meal’s main event,
if you think outside
your box of spring mix,
a big salad has huge
dinnertime potential. Try
building yours on a base
of noodles, grains, beans
or pasta; or add protein –
think combos like bacon
and eggs with spinach –
to fresh seasonal greens.
We enlisted the help of
Maggie, 10, Genevieve, 10,
and Zoe, 7, to help create
and test some sweet,
salty, crunchy and nutty
main dishes that are far
more than “just a salad”.

Try out these recipes:

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, July 2013.

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