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Go back to school naturally with Homeocan

Go Back To School Naturally With Homeocan - Parents Canada

Back to school is an important time in the life of a child. To avoid small ailments that come with going back to class, we’ve rounded up these natural remedies perfect for kiddos and parents, too.

Gummy - go back to school naturally with homeocan

Avoid germs at school by strengthening your child’s immune system

Back to school is synonymous with germs! Children in the classroom are the ideal place for the development and transmission of bacteria and viruses of every kind…so it’s time to boost to your child’s immune defenses.

For this, there’s nothing better than simple and pleasant natural remedies! Our Gummies Immuni+ are gummy bears with a delicious orange flavour. They contain vitamin C to prevent infections, propolis to strengthen the immune system, and echinacea to avoid infections of the ENT. These cute gummy bears are for children of four years and older. For children nine years and older, we recommend Gummies MultiVitamins. With their delicious blueberry taste they are ideal for restoring energy and helping to fight viruses. They contain a cocktail of vitamins (A, B12 and C) to boost immune defenses, and zinc to reduce the eventual symptoms of colds.

Calm 1 - go back to school naturally with homeocan

Improve the emotional well-being of your child

Back to school is not only about germs; it can cause stress, anguish, excessive excitement. New classroom, new friends, new teachers, change of rhythm…your child might need help to cope with all of the emotions. If he is agitated or nervous as back to school approaches, our Syrup Calm will most definitely help. Made in Canada, it contains natural and active homeopathic remedies, it helps reduce agitation and calm nervousness, during the day and at night.

Avoid lice… naturally!

During back to school, many parents share the same fear: the return of lice! Essencia Duo Care Protection composed of pure lavender essential oil and tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) goes a long way to avoiding them. Lavender essential oil helps to soothe stress and migraines. Tea tree acts against skin infections. Combining these two Essencia essential oils, they become one repellent for these creepy-crawlies. So dreaded in schools! To use these essential oils, it is imperative to dilute them in vegetable oil.

These four natural remedies are essential for helping your child’s natural transition to back to school.

Oil - go back to school naturally with homeocan

Daily tips

In addition to these natural remedies for children, here are a few tips to help your child survive back to school:

  • A few days before school starts, help your child to prepare for this special day by offering him some playful exercises and fun reading.
  • Prepare their supplies in advance so as not to panic the night before (clothing, back pack, breakfast…)
  • Several days before school starts, remind your child of bedtime schedule and wake up time.
  • Take the time to explain to your little one how the return to school will be and remind them of the exciting new year ahead, to reassure them.
  • Make sure you have all requested school supplies, so you will avoid running around on the first day of school. Now that you have these helpful tips and these natural remedies, your children have all they need to succeed.

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