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Nursery Water: Making Life Easier For New Parents

Nursery Water: Making Life Easier For New Parents - Parents Canada

Every parent of small children has the same answer when asked how things are going—“Busy.” It’s the inevitable default of moms and dads who are stretched thin between parenting, working, making meals, paying bills, household stuff (like seriously, how does anyone have time to fold laundry?), maintaining relationships, trying to get some exercise in…the list is endless. That’s why every parent we know is on the lookout for smart shortcuts to simplify, well, anything.

Enter Nursery water. This tried-and-trusted brand of steam-distilled, remineralized water is exactly the kind of brilliant shortcut frazzled parents of babies and toddlers need. 

Nursery water was created with the help of Dr. Herman Bundesen back in 1948. Dr. Bundesen was the Director of Chicago’s Health Department and became concerned about the safety of the municipal drinking water for babies. Nursery water was the answer to his worries and has been a fixture in North American households for more than 70 years.

Nursery water goes through a rigorous distillation process, to ensure its pure guarantee. Multibarrier filtration eliminates contaminates; steam distillation removes remaining impurities; and an infusion of ozone eradicates any residual bacteria. Then Nursery water is inspected by a third-party organization and Nursery’s own quality audit. That’s exactly the kind of water you want to give your wee ones. And there are so many ways it can be used to make a parent’s life easier.

1.  Preparing baby bottles: We’ve all been there in the middle of the night, preparing a bottle, or packing to travel and figuring out how to haul bottles of water for the journey. Nursery water does all the heavy lifting, so you can be sure you have a more-than-safe water source at every step of the way.

2.  Mixing cereal: When your kiddo starts solids, you should still make sure the water you use to mix cereal is safe. Their little tummies will already be adjusting to the new food, so using the water they’re used to in their bottles will make the transition that much easier.

3.  Diluting juice: Fruit juice becomes such a novelty for small kids who are likely only used to milk or water. Use Nursery water to cut the concentration of the juice, to lower the sugar content. (Your child’s dentist will thank you!)

4.  Everyday uses: With summer coming, hydration is key. Fill water bottles and sippy cups or make homemade popsicles with Nursery water. You can also take Nursery water on camping or road trips for easy drinking when you aren’t close to what you know to be safe water.

While so many things have changed in the seven decades since Nursery water was introduced, one thing remains constant: A parent’s worry for their children. That’s why, in addition to making life easier, Nursery water offers peace of mind to new and veteran parents alike.

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