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Astrology for kids: What to expect from Scorpio

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Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpio is a water sign that is intuitive, ultra passionate and a ride-or-die friend. 

Don’t let the desert-scuttling animal that represents them fool you, Scorpios are water signs not earth signs. Their watery ways come across in their passion, empathy, deep emotions and intuition. Are they psychic? Well, they sure know a lot. 

If you’re welcoming a Scorpio into the world, here’s what you need to know: Scorpios always know what’s up. Don’t hide things from them or try to go over their head. Your small Scorpio has extremely keen senses and can read you and situations like a book. They are intuitive and like to dissect and deep-dive everything. We’re talking FBI-level. Need receipts about something that happened? Scorpios have them. Even though they see and know a great deal, Scorpios are a vault until they let you in. You can trust a Scorpio with your biggest secrets and worries. Because of this keen sense, your little one may very well go into investigation work when they’re grown whether it’s as a detective, journalist or epidemiologist. 

You might also be surprised by how quickly and easily your young Scop understands and takes things in. Scorpios are often regarded as wise beyond their years. The eighth sign of the zodiac, they tend to be book smart, but they’re also life smart and some might say overly determined. But that determination is all passion. Tell a Scorpio that they can’t do something and watch them not only complete it, but thrive at it. But it’s also their passion that can make them misunderstood. 

Scorpios are loyal. But getting into that club can be hard-earned. Once you’re in the fold, you’re there forever. When it comes to friendships, a Scorpio would rather have a handful of solid besties than a Rolodex of casual acquaintances. And if you scorn a Scorpio? Well, that stinger isn’t for nothing. A Scorpio never forgets and their wrath is harsh and permanent. 

Remember when we said Scorpios are often misunderstood? That also has to do with how they present themselves. Scorpios can be standoffish and blunt. Because they are so smart calculating every angle of a situation, Scorpios can be manipulative and decisive. Be aware of getting played at bedtime or negotiation tactics. 

The water of their sign really emerges in how they emote. Outwardly they don’t often show emotion, internally they are quite sensitive. Be aware that even though they can dish it, they can’t always take it and will feel very wounded by words and actions. 


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