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Tips On How To Choose A Baby Name

Tips On How To Choose A Baby Name - Parents Canada

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Only you can decide what factors are important when you name your baby. Maybe you want your child named after a relative or friend. Perhaps you want an unusual name. Whatever your choice, here are some practical guidelines.


If you have a long surname, keep the first name short. And vary the number of syllables in each name. A first name with an odd number of syllables sounds best with a last name of even-numbered syllables. Avoid ending the first name and beginning the last with a vowel. Ray Bennet is easier to say, and sounds smoother than, Anita Adams.


Changing the spelling of a common name may be the beginning of a misspelling nightmare. Avoid cute spellings like Suezin instead of Susan, or Bobbee instead of Bobby, or Suezin and Bobbee will spend a lifetime correcting others, which, over the years, will become tiresome.


Names come and go and then come back again. In the 1950s, Mary, Patricia and Susan were popular choices for girls. Today, baby girls are more likely to be named Jessica, Jennifer or Emily. If you choose a fashionable name, make sure it is one that will stand the test of time. Some children in the 1960s were given trendy names like Sun, Moon or Chastity. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but sounds very dated now.


Middle names are a common practice but not compulsory. This name often is used to pay tribute to a close relative or friend. The mother’s maiden name also can be used as a middle name if the children have the father’s surname. We hope these guidelines are helpful but, in the final analysis, you are the only judges of what will be the best name for your baby.

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