15 Top Lists For Baby Names

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Picking the perfect baby name is no easy job. There’s plenty of things to consider, like how common or trendy a name is. How it sounds with your babe’s middle and last name, if the initials spell out anything unintentional, and, of course, how the moniker you land on will represent this new little person.

Phew, it’s a lot. If you need help choosing the perfect name, check out our top lists of baby names for popular, unique and creative ideas, from a Disney-inspired moniker to a cute and trendy one-syllable pick. Speaking of lists, keeping one of the names in the running is a great idea. Not sure where to start? Check out our practical guidelines for choosing a name, including sound, rhythm and spelling. And read this: 10 Tips For Picking Great Baby Names

Lists of baby names to get you started:

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