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Who is taking the birthday photos at your party?

So as you have already noticed I posted a blogpost about my daughters’ birthday party with the activites for a fairy theme. A couple things I didn’t mention was for one how AWESOME it was having a professional photographer at her party! So some might think this is a little extreme, but let me tell you why it’s a MUST!

For starters, I put a lot of work in to creating all the decor and birthday games for the girls. Catching all of these memories on film for my sweet little fairy was something I really wanted to do, but I always miss the best shots when I am trying to run things, cut cake, organize the games, make sure every kid is having fun, you know the Mommy Party duties. That pictures are always missed, they aren’t the best quality or there are moments lived in, but forgotten to be captured. Thankfully, we were fortunate to capture all of these amazing memories, thanks to Charlotte Gamache Photography for her amazing talent and making sure we caught our little one’s 4th Birthday! I will never go without a photographer again! Here are a couple of my Favourites…

Fairy part 01Fairy party 02Fairy part 03Fairy party 04

Now when it comes to planning a birthday party at your home with kids, and even if you plan on doing a bunch of games yourself. It really is a great idea to have an extra something special (or two special somethings to keep things interesting) so that you can have a break! We hired face painters for our party to give the fairies an extra for official fairy make up. Which they were all pretty pumped about. Thanks to The Doodle Girls for making Ashlyn’s day that much more special! Check out how great their work was!

Fairy party 05Fp

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