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Investing in a convertible car seat

Buying an all-in-one convertible car seat rather than an infant carrier may be the most economical choice depending on your lifestyle and vehicle.
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Summer Travel Safety Tips

No matter what you’re doing, the lazy days of summer are great for our sanity, but never get lazy on safety. Here are some of our hot tips for keeping your kids safe while you’re on the road and in a car seat.
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What you should know about extended rear facing car seats

Extended rear-facing is the practice of keeping children rear-facing beyond the age of two, typically until they outgrow the rear-facing limits of a convertible car seat around the age of 4.
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Why Diono chose to use steel in their car seats

While all car seats must be made to pass the same crash test standards, not all car seats are made the same. When doing your research, you’ll want to find out what the seats you’re considering are made of.

Diono radian rXT—Safety, Comfort and an Easy Install

When it comes to car seat safety, there’s one brand I trust above all others: Diono.

Top tips for winter car seat safety

Winter is right around the corner here in Canada. As we all know very well, winter travel and colder weather affects us all, country wide. We wanted to give you our top tips for winter car seat safety for this upcoming winter season.

Learn about new baby gear for parents

Janice Biehn, Editor of ParentsCanada magazine, discusses new baby gear on Global News Morning.

Compact, Stylish and Safe – Diono Radian rXT

I feel like when it comes to carseats Diono has always been at the top of parents lists for many reasons. Whether it be the safety features, size, extended rear-facing capabilities or amazing warranty (10 years), I have been only hearing rave reviews.

Hidden car seat dangers

September is Baby Safety Month and there is a lot of focus on hidden dangers in and around the home. You might be surprised to learn that there are also hidden dangers when it comes to your child’s car seat.
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Should I fly with my child on my lap or In a car seat?

Planning a vacation or family visit that involves a plane ride? There are so many considerations parents must factor in, like a million packing decisions and the significant cost of air travel. It’s not surprising that many parents are wondering if they should purchase another seat or fly with their child on their lap.

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