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Prevent poor posture when kids are young

Signs of posture problems include slouching, sitting for too long, walking on the toes or walking with the toes pointed outward.

Delaying gratification

While it is not a skill that comes naturally to young children, by the time they reach age four or five they are beginning to understand that delaying gratification can bring its own rewards.  How can parents foster this ability?

Preschool is a time to start encouraging cooperative play

Young children learn through play, which by its very nature provides a context for physical, social, emotional, cognitive creative and linguistic learning. 

Making the transition to kindergarten

Kindergarten is a still a big step for a four-, five- or six-year-old – especially if the child hasn’t been in preschool – and families can help by following these tips.

How physical activity can improve your child’s learning

Want to improve your child's grades? Try hitting the gym instead of the books. Research shows it could be a great way to help your child succeed in school.

The importance of back to school routines

Family routines will help your child adjust to heading back to school and can help combat obesity.

Walk this way

How normal are knock knees? Do a quick survey of all the toddlers you know: do any of them have perfectly straight legs? The answer will almost certainly be no. Most children are born bowlegged (where the legs curve outward at the...

Read the signs

Babies don't learn from flash cards, says one expert, so spend your money on books instead.


To a preschooler, the world is a wondrous place, with something new and exciting around every corner. And while his eyes and ears are taking everything in, his brain and mouth are working at lightning speed to express his thoughts and ideas in an intelligible way. It’s no wonder...

Stimulus package: Increasing your child’s IQ

If my mother had done things just a little differently, I may have gone to Harvard. Okay, maybe not Harvard, but perhaps I could have secured a scholarship to help out with my University of Calgary tuition. Sure, mom didn’t know it at the time, but had she decided to...

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