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Chopped Greek salad with quinoa and lentils

A perfect side salad for any grilled meats or fish.  A winner of a main course on it’s own if you or some of your guests are vegetarians.

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

Cubes of watermelon paired with spring greens, thinly sliced purple onion and salty feta make a perfect summer salad!

Chef’s salad in a jar

It will keep crisp until you're ready for it, and kids will love shaking their jars when it’s time to dress their salads.

Curried chickpea salad with quinoa in a jar

This salad is delicious with any number of ingredients – instead of the corn, try finely chopped cauliflower, diced apple or a handful of chopped dried apricots.

Falafel, Fattoush Salad, and honey roasted strawberries

A can of chickpeas can help shake you out of a dinnertime rut. 


Fruit salad with mint, honey and lime

A colourful fruit salad makes a welcome addition to any brunch table. Dress it with a fresh and simple honey-lime syrup for the occasion, along with a sprinkle of mint.


Creamy Potato Salad with Berries and Mint

Potato salad is a summer classic - this version is dressed up with seasonal berries and fresh mint from the garden.

Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas, Apples and Feta

It's the last day of Apple Month! Vote for your fave - and if my quinoa salad wins, the Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank will get $1000. Bonus: BC Tree Fruits will give you a fabulous Okanagan getaway for 2.

Quinoa Salad with Corn & Avocado

Quinoa is one of my favourite salad bases; technically a seed, it's not as heavy as many whole grains, and takes on all kinds of flavours well - the perfect base for lunch at my desk.

Leftover Turkey Noodle Salad

Got leftover turkey? Try this crunchy Ichiban noodle salad - like a bowl of chicken noodle soup in salad form!

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