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Helping Children With Physical Disabilities Stay Active

It's a great idea to encourage children to be active as research shows that activity can greatly benefit kids’ physical and mental health. We have expert tips for helping your child stay active.

Why Swaddling Newborns Is No Longer Recommended

Knowing whether or not to swaddle newborns has always been a little contentious. Parents and experts are unsure if it's still the right thing to do. Here's some updated guidelines.

How To Care For Baby’s Umbilical Cord And Belly Button

You have a lot of terrain to cover with a new babe in tow. Here are the ins and outs of innies and outies.

5 fun ways to keep your family active this winter

It’s tempting to want to move your workouts indoors in the winter, but there are lots of ways to get exercise outside when the temperature drops. (And trust us, your kids will want to get in on these activities, too!)

Five Ways to Handle Pet Allergens (Without Missing Out on a Pet!)

There are ways to get a handle on your allergen sensitivities so you don’t have to miss out on adding Fluffy or Snowball to the fam. Read on for tips and tricks on how to make it work. 

Kids vs. Screens: A New Documentary from CBC’s The Nature of Things

Our kids spend a lot of time glued to their screens. According to non-profit Common Sense Media, children aged 8 to 12 spend an average of five hours a day on screens, not including school—and that was before the pandemic. Since lockdown in March, screen time has skyrocketed.

What To Do When Your Child is Choking: An Age-by-Age Primer

When your child is choking on something, you feel helpless. In the moment of panic you need to know what to do.

CPR Basics by Age

Knowing how to perform CPR on your child, at every age, offers tremendous peace of mind to parents. We’ve created this primer to give you the basics, but it’s always a good idea to take a class in your community.

Treating Common (And Not So Common) First Aid Emergencies

From insect bites to abrasions, we’ve got the goods on some of the common first aid emergencies you may face as a parent and how to handle them. Read on for what to watch for and how to look after your kiddo in each of the situations below.

14 Basic Safety Tips To Keep Your Child Protected

Equipment, toys, cars…all of these (and more!) require that parents pay close attention to the safety of their kids. Having a basic knowledge of how to keep children protected in certain situations can provide excellent peace of mind to Moms and Dads.

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